The Exquisite Corpse: The Story Continues

Meet Joyce. Her retirement plan has a bodycount.

The Exquisite Corpse

Volume 1 of The Exquisite Corpse featured the talents of Scott Adlerberg, E.A. Aymar, Jason Beech, Jerry Bloomfield, Jason Butkowski, Andrew Case, Alec Cizak, Terri Lynn Coop, S.A. Cosby, Dan Fiore, Steve Golds, Michael Paul Gonzalez, James D. F. Hannah, Seamus Heffernan, Beau Johnson, Nick Kolakowski, Tom Leins, Ben LeRoy, R. Daniel Lester, Richie Narvaez, Matt Phillips, Eryk Pruitt, Chad Rohrbacher, Lein Shory and Steve Weddle.

When Joyce bought her little cabin in the woods, she paid cash, which the realtor thought was unusual. When she slapped another ten thousand in hundred-dollar bills on his office desk, he cheerfully agreed to never tell another soul about the transaction. The cabin was perfect. Its kitchen featured stunningly modern appliances, the living room was high-ceilinged (with lots of light through the two large windows on the southern wall), and the upstairs bathroom had a shower with a steam generator. When she first moved in, she would spend an hour per day in her own little sauna, letting the heat ease the aches in her oft-broken bones. After her steam, she would often retire to the spacious patio overlooking the lake, where she would grill a steak, smoke a small cigar, and stare at the water. It was hard to avoid thoughts of her past, but nicotine—along with a few shots of whiskey most afternoons—certainly helped on that front.


25 Authors. One hell of a story.

About Us

The Exquisite Corpse is an ongoing, collaborative Lockdown Noir project created and developed by Steve Weddle and Nick Kolakowski. Tom Leins will serve as the guest editor for Volume 2.

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